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Our Results

What You Can Expect

Increase in revenue by at least 10%-30%

Increased engagement leading higher returning customer

Acces to 100k Istyleyou user base and 100+ fashion influencers

Our Solutions

In Store, Online, Mobile

Mix and Match

Your customer needs to click a picture or upload an image of an apparel, within a second, system would suggest matching tops or bottoms with confidence levels. This would help your customer know what to buy exactly , thus increasing conversions.

Techies call it A.I , We call it customer attention.

Profile Based Recommendation

User creates a profile within 2.5 min by answering a set of questions , selects the occasion for which they shopping , system suggests the best products for that profile , based on our patented styling algorithm.

Techies call it Automation , We call it customer obsession.

Book an appointment

Your customer can book an appointment on a specified date and time with your stylist. Prior to the appointment , customers can create their profile and requirement , so that you are ready on appointment day , you are ready with styles. Simple and Effective.

Techies call it personalization!!! , we call it personal attention.

Live Intelligent Chat

It talks, even when your Store is closed, Stay Connected with your customer 24*7 with our patented intelligent live chat solution. No mobile app installation required , it’s a simple mobile web based chat backed by image recognition.

Techies call it chatbot !! , we call it Intelligence.

Our Story

We started early in 2015 , to solve the problem of personalization for fashion. While building the IStyleYou B2C product , We realized , we needed to put people squarely in the middle of the solutions we are creating . That’s where our journey started, to build AI for Humans , with a goal of making a positive impact on customer shopping experience. We are a group of nerdy engineers, fashion geeks , user experience gurus and firm believer that technology can never replace humans , but only assist to them perform better.