Our Solutions

In Store, Online, Mobile

Interactive Styling Platform

Digital communication channel between fashion retailers and customers , driving personalized interaction with the customers.

AI – Personalized Recommendation

Self learning personalized recommendation model based on physical attributes , shopping behavior and other external factors.

Image Recognition

Assist customers in fashion discovery through Image recognition solution for similar product discovery , content mapping , suggesting a look or yay/nay.

Smart Styling Chatbot

Self learning, Automated personalized response to customer query for fashion retailers , powered by Image recognition and personalized recommendation algo.

Our Results

What You Can Expect

Increase in net incerment revenue by altleast $10%

Increased engagement leading higher returning customer

Acces to 100k Istyleyou user base and 100+ fashion influencers

Our Story

We started early in 2015 , to solve the problem of personalization for fashion. While building the IStyleYou B2C product , We realized , we needed to put people squarely in the middle of the solutions we are creating . That’s where our journey started, to build AI for Humans , with a goal of making a positive impact on customer shopping experience. We are a group of nerdy engineers, fashion geeks , user experience gurus and firm believer that technology can never replace humans , but only assist to them perform better.